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FISH probes developed by Dr. MacDonald embody hope for the future


To date Dr. Alan MacDonald has developed specific probes for three Borrelia species: Borrelia burgdorferi, B. miyamotoi, and B. mayonii. These have been capable of detecting a range of strains including European borrelia.


The probes are “Molecular Beacon” DNA probes which have an excellent rate of accuracy. They will not give off their fluorescent signal unless every single nucleotide (component unit) of the target DNA sequence matches perfectly. So when we use these probes we can be very sure that we are detecting Borrelia and not something else.


These DNA probes could open the door to accurate diagnosis in the future. As we have seen, they are already unlocking the secrets of Borrelial involvement in major neurodegenerative diseases.


But more research needs to be done before these findings will be accepted by the wider medical community. And to do this, we need your help. All of the work here at the Foundation is done on a non-profit basis. We do not receive any government or industry funding, but rely on donations from patients and other interested individuals. Please support our work by giving generously, and by encouraging organisations with which you are affiliated to do the same. Together we can bring to light the full spectrum of Borrelia and Nematode worm involvement in neurological disease, and help bring about cure.


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