Alzheimer’s disease and Borrelia

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New – Parasitic Nematode Worms and Borrelia in Alzheimer’s Disease

New research findings June – July 2016

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*Please note that though the Sept 11, 2015  presentation refers to “100 consecutive plaques” found positive for Borrelia DNA, that total has since increased to 1000 consecutive plaques.

Articles, Posters, Reports etc

NEW Borrelia Endosymbionts in Parasitic Nematodes in Lewy Body Dementia

May 2016

Startling discovery shows that alpha-synuclein, as well as DNA of Borrelia, are present in the interior of the worm, in Lewy Bodies in Diffuse Cortical Lewy Body Dementia (DCLBD)

Discovery of Borrelia in Lewy Body Dementia – F1000 poster – 2015

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NEW – Eighty-two Years with Chronic Borreliosis

May 2016

Widow of Jack Gordon, first patient in whom Borrelia inside Parasitic Nematode Worms was detected in Lewy Body Dementia, tells their story