Multiple Sclerosis

One of our goals is to establish a firm scientific platform for some cases of Multiple Sclerosis as a brain/spinal cord chronic infection.

In 2016, using our highly specific Molecular Beacon DNA probes, we detected the specific DNA of Borrelia in the autopsy CSF of multiple sclerosis victims.

Remarkably we detected Borrelia endosymbionts inside parasitic nematode worms in the autopsy brain of ten out of ten MS patients.

Currently, it is taught in medical schools that all cases of Multiple Sclerosis stem from a degenerative condition of unknown cause.

Borrelia spirochetes were cultured from the spinal fluid of ten of ten Multiple Sclerosis patients by Dr. Oystein Brorson, MD and Dr. Sverre-Henning Brorson, MD in 2001.

In addition all were positive for Borrelia spirochetes by Electron Microscopy.

Click here to learn more about our findings of Borrelia endosymbionts inside parasitic nematodes in MS cerebrospinal fluid. – NEW – May 2016

Click here to view micrographs of Borrelia in spinal fluid of MS patients in the Brorson and Brorson study.

The distribution of Ixodes ticks and the geographic prevalence of Multiple Sclerosis coincide. Click here to view maps illustrating this.